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meet Kimberly: a tiny girl wearing heavy fits | @KimberlySkinny


celmatique selects: beach day

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a trip to Mexico



a trip to Ibiza

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Hola amigos! The most recent trip brought us to Ibiza, being a unique travel experience I love to share with you. Here's all you need to know about our hotel,...

“I’m a tiny girl wearing heavy outfits” – Kimberly Anthony

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You already know! Every month we feature someone for the Celmatique Style Feature. Our next favorite is the yung inspirational Kimberly Anthoy | @kimberlyskinny

co-ord dress

the co-ord that’s actually a dress

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Esprit strikes again! I love this co-ord that’s actually a dress. So how does that work?

Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all

Girls support Girls!


Together with @hashtagbylily, @girlonkicks and @teamwayta we are 4 girl bosses sharing an office named Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all in Amsterdam. We share, work and create together, ’cause girls support girls. Are you a #dolladollabillsgal too? Stay tuned on updates via our Instagram page!

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celmatique selectsstyle
July 17, 2018

celmatique selects: beach day

This month’s Celmatique Selects is all about a beach day.  July is hot and these items are even hotter. Tropical blue or colourful stripes – which side are you? here...
Ruddy Trobrillant celmatique style featurestyle
June 25, 2018

“Don’t live for the fame” – Ruddy Trobrillant

Every month we feature someone for Celmatique Style here on Celmatique.com. This month it’s your stylish smily face Ruddy Trobrillant | @trobrillants

Monochrome celmatique selectsstyle
June 25, 2018

celmatique selects: monochrome

Recently I’m very much into monochrome looks. So for this month the Celmatique Selects is all about that. Which side are you, yellow or violet?

celmatique style navigatorstyle
June 21, 2018

beach is best

June is here, therefore beach is best! Did you know Esprit also sells swimwear? Here’s how I styled mine.

tropical summer celmatique selectsstyle
May 28, 2018

celmatique selects: tropical summer

There’s nothing better than tropical summer. Period. Good news is: I already picked the holiday proof outfits for you. Only thing you need to do is get them and book…

Mexico styletravel
May 26, 2018

our trip to Mexico: all you need to know

Arriba, Arriba! Last week Lily (@hashtagbylily) and I visited the beautiful Mexico. Playa del Carmen, Yucatan and Tulum to be exact. It was a trip to remember. Here is all…

holiday dress celmatique style navigatorstyle
May 25, 2018

here’s your perfect holiday dress

Are you planning your holiday yet? Consider bringing this Esprit holiday dress with you on your trip. It’s comfy, nonchalant and pret-ty cool.

sunny celmatique style navigatorstyle
May 2, 2018

sunny side up

Sunny side up, please! Yes we’re talking wearing yellow – double, to be exact. This is how!

Sanne Poeze celmatique style featurestyle
April 25, 2018

“I shifted from all black to more colorful looks” – Sanne Poeze

Every month we feature someone for Celmatique Style here on Celmatique.com. This month it’s your fav Sneaker Gal Sanne Poeze | @GirlonKicks

celmatique selects april celmatique selectsstyle
April 11, 2018

celmatique selects: get the graphics

Due to my MacBook issues, last months Celmatique Selects was dismissed. However we are back for some serious April goodies. Don’t sleep on these items boo!

skin talk beauty and hairstyle
April 4, 2018

let’s talk skin!

Last week Treatwell offered me a facial treatment at the Go NKD Salon in Amsterdam and girlllll, now I’m as new. So let’s talk skin!

pop of green celmatique style navigatorstyle
March 27, 2018

a pop of green

Since the color of nature is becoming more and more popular, a pop of green is all we need. Esprit hooks you up with a green blazer and this is…