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celmatique selects april

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Due to my MacBook issues, last months Celmatique Selects was dismissed. However we are back for some serious April goodies. Don’t sleep on these items boo!

skin talk

let’s talk skin!

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Last week Treatwell offered me a facial treatment at the Go NKD Salon in Amsterdam and girlllll, now I’m as new. So let’s talk skin!

pop of green

a pop of green

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Since the color of nature is becoming more and more popular, a pop of green is all we need. Esprit hooks you up with a green blazer and this is…

your new fav sweater

Airdate x Celmatique got you covered

We designed the perfect sweater for your comfort and colorful lifestyle. Get it while you still can, boo!

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red & pink celmatique style featurestyle
March 19, 2018

oh yes, that red & pink

There are a few color matches made in heaven and red & pink are part of them. Captured at a beautiful colorful location, I’m going to show you how to…

suit up #celmatiquestylenavigatorstyle
March 1, 2018

suit up!

Who doesn’t love a good suit? And it’s even better when it comes in a vibrant color like cobalt blue. Esprit hooks you up.

February 27, 2018

celmatique selects: pretty pastels

New month, new favorites by yours truly. Currently crushing on all the pretty pastels. What will you add to your wardrobe?

sporty feminine #celmatiquestylenavigatorstyle
January 24, 2018

how to dress sporty feminine

You might have noticed that over the passed few months, sportswear / leisure is a very popular trend. However the sporty feminine style is timeless. Here are a few tips…

Lily Tjon celmatique style feature
January 23, 2018

“To me fashion is sharing your identity” – Lily Tjon

Every month we highlight someone with a Celmatique Style. Today it’s my girl Lily Tjon | @hashtagbylily

January 19, 2018

celmatique selects: sporty spice

2018 is all about inspiring even more. So a new baby is born! Every month I will select my favorites specially picked out for you. To shine bright and look…

December 22, 2017

faux fur bomber jacket? yes please!

Faux fur everywhere! But a bomber jacket in faux fur? That’s new and oh so awesome. This is how I styled mine by Esprit.

Swatch x You #celmatiquestylenavigatorstyle
December 20, 2017

express yourself with Swatch x You

Style is about expressing yourself. With the Swatch x You collection, you can now match your watch with your personal flavor. What will you pick?

mix textures #celmatiquestylenavigatorstyle
December 12, 2017

mix textures this winter

It has been snowing heavily the past two days here in Holland. To completely blend in with the force of nature: wear white this winter and mix textures.

Christmas dinner celmatique and friends
December 11, 2017

a Christmas dinner with Esprit

About two weeks ago I got to have a Christmas dinner with Esprit, hosted by my mother and I. It was truly magical. Here’s why:

December 7, 2017

download your voucher & shop at Schiphol!

You know what time it is! Christmas shopping is a lot more fun when you do it at Schiphol. So if you care about discounts and special offers, I’d continue…

Holidays #celmatiquestylenavigatorstyle
November 28, 2017

all fired up for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Get all fired up for the Holidays with a popping red coat and – YES – sock boots for the win.