how to #ChooseColor every day

together with HUE, I’m going to show you how to boost your mood with color all week long!


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pop of color

a pop of color

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Inspired by iconic designs in the past, Esprit again introduces a collection that brings back memories. Giving it a modern touch and pop of color. Take a look and see...

introducing: the new denim line by Vanillia

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Some brands just create the most beautiful pieces, however yet haven’t been discovered by many. A shame. So here I am; introducing you to Vanilia and their new denim line....

how to #ChooseColor every day

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Wearing color everyday keeps the doctor away. I know, it sounds cheesy, but the clothes we wear do affect our mood. With that said, together with HUE, I’m going to...

“I write about my daily outfits since the age of 7”

– Amélie Ebongué

We feature someone every month that has a Celmatique style! Now issa new month! May I introduce you to the lovely Parisienne lady Amélie Ebongué.

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September 25, 2017

see how I style River Island x Ashish

The RI x Ashish collection is out! See how I style my favorite items during Bestival 2017.

Amelie Abongue celmatique style featurestyle
September 20, 2017

“I write about my daily outfits since the age of 7” – Amélie Ebongué

Last month our first Celmatique Style Feature went online. Now issa new month! May I introduce you to the lovely Parisienne lady Amélie Ebongué | @ah_mais_lis

color #celmatiquestylenavigatorstyle
August 27, 2017

get dressed in full color

Get dressed in full color! Esprit keeps you warm the upcoming seasons with a cheerful woolen coat and more colorful items to enjoy – all year long.

checked prints #celmatiquestylenavigatorstyle
August 17, 2017

how to style checked prints

Whether it’s looking preppy, matching it with a skirt; sloppy like a flannel or sophisticated like this top: checked prints are everywhere, anytime. This is why you need it and…

celmatique style featurestyle
August 8, 2017

“I’ve watched menswear grow so much” – Martell Campbell

Finally, the word is out! Starting from today, we’ll feature someone every month that has a Celmatique style (both men and women!) The very first Celmatique Style Feature is modern…

ballet flats #celmatiquestylenavigatorstyle
August 1, 2017

not your average ballerina

Definitely not your average ballerina. These ballet flats by Esprit don’t come in pink with ribbons, but metallic and black elastic bands. And it’s exactly what you need to boost…

colors and prints #celmatiquestylenavigatorstyle
July 30, 2017

how to wear colors and prints

For some easier than others. How do you make sure it doesn’t look too heavy? Or that it doesn’t make you look like a 12 year old? A few tips

happy colors #celmatiquestylenavigatorstyle
July 19, 2017

get dressed in happy colors

We all know the clothes you wear affect your mood or the other way around. Reason enough to get dressed in happy colors! Read & see more about this cheerful…

bestbackdrop tour #celmatiquestylenavigatorstyle
July 12, 2017

here are all the pictures from the #bestbackdrop tour with H&M Club NL!

H&M x Celmatique is complete and I couldn’t be happier. Behold all the pics from the #bestbackdrop tour with #HMClubNL!

MeDusa #celmatiquestylenavigatorstyle
June 30, 2017

hello yellow! ➪ get your MeDusa bag with a discount

Great news ladies! MeDusa and I teamed up to treat you all with a 15% discount on yellow bags. Find the code in this post!

tropical #celmatiquestylenavigatorstyle
June 30, 2017

dreamy & tropical: Celmatique in Bar Botanique

When you find a dress that’s so lovely, the location needs to be just as pretty. Lucky me: behold a dreamy Celmatique in the tropical Bar Botanique. What a match…

moroccan vibes #celmatiquestylenavigatorstyle
June 19, 2017

into the Moroccan vibes

Basically everyone knows that I have a passion for prints. Not just with clothing, also with interior design. So with this beautiful printed suit by Esprit, I’d love to get…