Athens in pictures


The largest and capital city of Greece: Athens. My friend Sascha Lekatompessy and I spent our days there from the 28th of June ’til the 1st of July. We’ve never been in Greece before, so we took ourselves on this surprising little journey.

Sascha and I are friends for six years now and this was our first trip just the two of us together. Athens has a lot to offer but ofcourse we wanted to experience Greece also as the ancient city that it is. From walking all the way up to the Akropolis to visiting an old church on top of the highest mountain called Lycabetus and strolling through ancient Agora: it was breathtaking beautiful.

In a few days I will be leaving the Netherlands again for another trip. And I guarantee you, it will be GRAND… Keep an eye on! For now, enjoy these wonderful moments me and Sascha had in Athens.

You thought that was it? Ha, not yet! Because we also made a short video! We sometimes forgot to film our moments but we still have some nice material to show you. I really hope you’ll enjoy it.


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