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behind the lens with Niké


Last week I teamed up with Niké Donker for another photoshoot. You might have noticed our previous collaborations. Niké is not only very talented, but we’ve been friends for a very long time. Today, I decided to put her in the spotlight.

Niké and I met each other ten (!) years ago, she was 11 and I was 13. Back then we were already hooked on taking pictures. Even though we we’re not always that close, we always managed to keep in touch and actually stay friends. We’ve lived in the same town ever since and you could definitely say we grew up together.

When it comes to photography, trust me, Niké can do magic! She somehow knows how to capture me in a particular way I sometimes find myself saying: ‘Heh, is that me?’. Besides, she also has great sense of style. Some people even think we kind of look a like .. (apart from the hair, haha).

With these words written, I just want to thank her for capturing me the way she does so well. She really has an eye for it. I hope our friendship will last a life time.

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