pop of color

a pop of color

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Inspired by iconic designs in the past, Esprit again introduces a collection that brings back memories. Giving it a modern touch and pop of color.

Take a look and see how you rock and layer it!

Autumn has arrived which means layering season is about to start. Now it’s not just to keep you warm, layering actually makes your outfits look way more interesting. If you get creative, you can create a different silhouette and shape. Try something new and wear your knitted sweater cropped by tying it, while leaving the top underneath it out.

I’m the biggest fan of color but just one popping color is enough to make it pop. This orange (almost red) shade works perfectly for every skin tone. And, yet again: the ultimate autumn tone.

If you don’t get cold easily, you can definitely manage this look with bare legs on a soft autumn day. Also, the silver pleated skirt comes in a mid length. So wear it with boots and you’ll be fine! In case it’s too cold for you, thin black tights work too!


introducing: the new denim line by Vanillia

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Some brands just create the most beautiful pieces, however yet haven’t been discovered by many. A shame. So here I am; introducing you to Vanilia and their new denim line.

I’ve known Vanilia for many years and I’m happy to be one of the first style inspirators able to work with them.

Located in mostly monumental buildings through The Netherlands, Dutch brand Vanilia cares bout quality. They actually want items to last more than just one season. Their high tech fabrics come from Japan, the rest of all the fabrics are made in Italy. Also, Vanillia produces its collections in their very own atelier in Turkey.

However Vanilia’s quality doesn’t cost you a dime. Why? Simple: they do everything themselves. They don’t work with agents, wholesales or consultants in factories far, far away. Also, with some designs only 140 items are made. Which basically means you won’t easily see someone wearing the outfit look as you.

Their line consists of multiple collections. My current favorite: denim. The items have a very oldschool vibe to it that I absolutely adore. Think woolen Kangol caps and turtlenecks that go with dark blue, high waisted and straight-legged jeans.

So if you were considering investing in clothing that can actually age with you, try Vanillia. Their designs are made for women with a sense of style. And that, my loves, lasts a lifetime.

how to #ChooseColor every day

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Wearing color everyday keeps the doctor away. I know, it sounds cheesy, but the clothes we wear do affect our mood.

With that said, together with HUE, I’m going to show you how to boost your mood with color all week long!

Easy on a hump day, you can make your outfit match entirely. Just one color or shade to be exact. You basically can’t go wrong no matter what color you pick! My personal favorite: burgundy red/ Bordeaux, like I styled with the HUE Opaque Tight in Deep Red. It works for every season. Tip: to give the look more edge, wear a pair of HUE Petite Fishnet Tights on top of your colored tights!

Wait, blue tights? YES! For some this can be a difficult color, but the right combination does the trick. Make it pop in the HUE Opaque Tight in Eclipse by adding colored items that contrast the blue, like bright green or yellow for example. Tip: it’s all in the details. The clutch has blue in it as well, which creates the perfect pairing!

Mix colors! A pleated skirt goes very well with (double!) HUE Ribbed Metallic Stripe Socks. Allow yourself to experiment. One pair of socks? Who says you can’t wear two? You can’t have too many layers! Add a pair of elegant ankle boots and you won’t feel like you’re about to play tennis on the court field.

On the weekends, we just want to have fun! Color blocking is perfect since you can just go crazy with all the colors. I just couldn’t help but to add a yellow accessory to my HUE Ruffle Luster Sock. But even without, the look is good to go!