A little delay on the posts (and video as well), but that’s what happens when you find yourself at a perfect location with no service, internet or any modern civilization. Yet it was the ideal spot to shoot a few outfits from Della LA!

The last couple of days I have spent in Busua (attending the Asa Baako Festival) and afterwards we drove to Cape Three Points, staying in an eco-lodge called Escape. For – you know it – the sweet escape!

Carry change
A few weeks back a friend of mine told me about Della LA, a fashion line handcrafted by a community in Ghana. The passionate, talented women who create the pieces are given an opportunity to build a foundation for a better life through jobs, education and skills training – as stated on the website. I immediately loved their concept and the clothes also look stunning! Batik is a technique which is very familiar to me and Della LA knows how to create new life with such a traditional form of art.

So what better place to show you the look and feel of a few items from Della LA than on the beach! Salty, messy hair and a glowy skin: it’s all there.

Visit the website of Della LA for more info and their online shop.

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