The Italian culture has always been one of my favorites. Yet I have never been to Milan before. What better time to visit this city of elegance than during the design week!

Seven days filled with drinking the best coffee, enjoying the lovely weather and eye for design and style everywhere you go.

Work, work, work
But let’s be honest: there’s also work to do. My mother is exhibiting with her work Studio Haeser at Masterly The Dutch in Milan this week, which is located in Palazzo Turati. It has been crowded since the first day it opened its doors. Why? Because the Palazzo is so beautiful, the work of the artists and designers you find here is amazing AND the exhibition is even listed as NUMBER ONE of places you should visit while you’re in Milan this week. Long story short: if you’re here, come!

Whatever Milanese people do, they do it with style.
Seeing all these people pass by our stand made me realize how many people actually have a great sense of style here in Milan. It’s unbelievable and so inspiring! No matter what age, they all put effort into the way they look. Not so much with make-up, but by dressing up.

All that together with the romantic architecture, wide streets with gigantic trees, always delicious Italian food, this city just screams elegance. But not only during design week is Milan full of life. There is always something interesting happening.

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