Hola amigos! The most recent trip brought us to Ibiza, being a unique travel experience I love to share with you. Here’s all you need to know about our hotel, the locations and the unbelievably good food we had.

Day 1


The Hotel

After a two hour flight from Amsterdam and a 30 minute car drive from Ibizas airport with our personal driver Stefan (a friendly British man), Lily, our intern Saskia and I arrived at our beautiful Hotel where we stayed four nights in total. The Wi-Ki-Woo Hotel is located at San Antonios beautiful coastline where we had  a perfect view on the magical sunsets that Ibiza is famous for. San Antonio – which is suited on the West coast of Ibiza – is world-famous for its lively atmosphere and nightlife. The hotel is completely set in pastel pink and green colours – from the lobby floor to the pool towels or the fridge in our room. The interior is very modern and colorful with a lot of golden details. We stayed in the pool view room on the third floor and also had a nice sea view from the balcony.

The dinner

After check-in we stayed in the hotel and prepared for dinner that we had at the terrace restaurant at the seafront of the hotel. The staff is friendly and the food was amazing: we ordered a really tasteful steak with pasta that is totally recommendable.

Day 2


The brunch

The second day we were invited to have brunch at The Skinny Kitchen – just a fifteen minute walk away from our Hotel along the coastline in the morning sun. The Skinny Kitchen is a modern breakfast and lunch place, specialized in healthy food, that also has locations in Belfast and Canterbury. From Acaí bowls, to banana pancakes, fresh eggs or avocado ciabatta: they have lots of different choices in their menu. Also the selection of beverages is quite various, so besides the typically teas, coffees and fresh pressed juices they also had black smoothies and a beetroot latte that was literally pink in color.

The Ocean Beach Club

In the afternoon we had a table at the Hot Bed Pool Party, hosted by Ocean Beach Ibiza and sponsored by Absolut Elyx. 

The Club – which is just a 10 minute drive away from our hotel – is hosting a different event every day. The Hot Bed was a Techno and House music party with an exclusive DJ playing all day long. Prepared with hundred layers of sunscreen we stayed at the party for several hours, spending our time with dancing, drinking fancy cocktails and having a bite now and then.


The dinner

For dinner we went to STK, a very exclusive modern Steakhouse that not only served us the best Steak we ever ate in our lives, but also entertained with a dance show during the four courses.

Day 3


The morning

The morning of the third day we had breakfast at our hotel. The food, again, was very delicious and also visually pleasing. After that, we decided to stay at the pool before going to the second party in the afternoon. The pool side of the hotel also is very lovely, equipped with colorful towels, king size sun beds and pink heart-shaped floats.

Ocean Beach Ibiza Round 2

In the afternoon, we went to Ocean Beach Ibiza for the second time, this days party was called ONE, sponsored by www.isawitfirst.com  and Ciroc Vodka, and it was all about Hip Hop and RnB. We first had a nice lunch, again the food was amazing and very various – from Italian to Japanese to American Burger. It was a very hot day but being close to a pool really helps a lot to cool down.

Day 4


Pool Day

We slept loooong. But after a tasty breakfast in the hotel, or should I say lunch, we decided to spend the whole day at the pool. Originally planned was a trip to the beach but the hotel stuff told us that the beaches around San Antonio aren’t the greatest and if we want to go to a beautiful one, we had to drive around 45 minutes to get there. So far so good, but the beaches aren’t equipped or organized and we neither brought beach towels nor (obviously) an umbrella with us, so we decided to chill at the pool and just relax and enjoy our last day in Ibiza.

We left around nine and outside the club, we saw one of the most beautiful sunsets ever.

The amazing Paella

In the evening, we went to a local restaurant called Benitez which is one of the most famous food places on tripadvisor and therefore super crowded. But our organized intern Saskia expected so and reserved a table the day before (really, you honestly have to do that!). Eventually, we had our last dinner and ordered a real local paella: bringing the pan to the table, super fresh and still hot. It was amazing!

Day 5


Bye Bye Ibiza

On our last morning we took a last walk along the coastline and went for breakfast at a place called Cafe Mambo. They served us prosecco on the house after the food, a nice way to close our trip before heading back to the airport.

Special thanks to Veebs for having us. We enjoyed every bit of it!

Hasta luego Ibiza!

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