to inspire others to be themselves

Twenty-six-year-old Celeste van Joost created Celmatique,, a platform distinguished by its vibrant and highly engaging visuals about fashion and style, in 2015.

Celeste’s unorthodox approach to fashion led to a rapid, yet organic growth in her fan base. She later realized that the underlying reason was this simple fact, which would later become the cornerstone of her brand: her style inspired others to embrace their unique selves.

With this principle, Celmatique has thrived as a lifestyle brand that connects people under the plain-speaking motto: to inspire others to be themselves.

In 2016, Celeste introduced the #bestbackdrop movement, won the ELLE Street Style Award and has since collaborated with brands like: H&M, Puma, Esprit, Scotch & Soda, Nike, Levi’s, Vlisco, & Other Stories, Monki, Dr. Martens and many more.

With a current total reach of over 50,000, up by 30,000 from 2016, Celmatique is an undoubtedly influential brand, that is growing each day.

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