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Be bold in stripes with this playful matching set by Monki! Stripes never go out of style. And that is good news.

I still love to dress all the way in one print. And since sale has arrived, I couldn’t stop myself from purchasing this matching set by Monki! You see, stripes are basically the most ‘ordinary’ and accessible print of all prints, however it depends on how the stripes are designed. The history of stripes in fashion goes way back. No one knows exactly when the first stripes in fashion popped up, nevertheless they must be in fashion for at least 150 years.

evil stripes

During the Medieval times, it was only prisoners, clowns, prostitutes, hangmen and all the condemned that wore the striped garment as the pattern was seen as being evil. Evil? What? Yep! Apparently…

times changing

Yet in the end of the 18th century stripes have finally become chic. All thanks to famous & familiar personalities like Queen Victoria, who dressed her son in stripes in 1946. After that groups of swimmers, the men in the navy and of course the always influential Coco Chanel followed.

Nowadays stripes come in many different variety’s. So, what is your favorite stripes look? Are you more of a classic gal/man or do you like to go bold? Tell me!