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Oh how I love the beach days! Lucky for me my curlfriend Dayna lives so close to Scheveningen beach. Time to catch up!

Dayna, founder of My Curly Way and I met two years ago during a natural black hair event in Amsterdam. However we became friends not so long ago, when she came to my hometown to visit my hairdresser and have a coffee with me. Since then we be making more and more plans to hang out and do fun stuff together. And we have a lot of fun together. (Oh, and we both love cats.)

beach is home

Dayna suggested to have lunch at Hart Beach, a surf shop / lunch spot and I immediately fell in love with it. To be honest, it actually made me miss Ghana and its surf scene over there. Yet Holland has a surf scene as well, I discovered! Too bad the weather that day was a bit chilly. The sun did come up late afternoon. Anyhow, it felt really good to be there and I’m definitely planning to visit here more often.

where my curly girls at?

The first plan Dayna and I have on our list is natural hair event Party Over Hair! Who will we be seeing there on the 10th of July? We would love to meet you! I hope you’ll bring all your curlfriends.

love for travel

But besides all the fun stuff in our own country, we would love to go on a trip together somewhere abroad. Nevertheless for now until that time arrives we can enjoy the beauty Holland has to offer. See the pics of our day in Scheveningen, The Hague below. What’s your favorite place to go to with your (curl)friend?