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An oversized bomber jacket with a Tokyo inspired print: it was love at first sight when I bumped into this piece yesterday!

I’m pretty much convinced of the fact that the bomber jacket has always made its appearance in the fashion scene: from silky materials with Asian inspired prints, to pastel colors or the rough ones coming from the army. As long as I can remember, I also owned one. The oldest one hanging in my closet was a bright purple bomber, bought at the H&M mens department, over 8 years ago.

Well, couldn’t be much of a coincidence that the newest one I bought is – accidentally! – from the mens department as well .. Funny story, and it goes like this:

I spent the day with my friend Dewy yesterday, since she was desperately looking for a new birthday outfit. We went from shop to shop, but no results. We ended up in the H&M and found her a beautiful dark blue body suit from the studio collection. After that, I was making my way to the basics. Suddenly, I got my eyes on something very, very colorful. What is that? I pulled it out of the clothing rack: ‘Oh, I love this one!’ – Checking size immediately – ‘It’s a small!’, and I rushed towards the fitting room. “Are you taking it?”, Dewy asked me while I was trying it on. “Yes, I am! I just love it”.

The lady at the checkout gave me a warm welcome but at the same time looked surprised. “Oh wow, this jacket, amazing!” Apparently she didn’t recognize the product. “Yeah, I just found it somewhere, lost, in the basics clothing racket”, I said. “Well, I’ll tell you something. It’s from the mens department!” The irony.

satin look bomber jacket Tokyo inspired, 100% polyester: H&M.

bomber jacket

bomber jacket