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New month, new Celmatique Style feature! Meet New York based fashion enthusiast Osi | @instaosi

Hi Osi! First up: what’s your full name and age?

My names are Osinakachukwu George Oham. I’m 27 years old.

You operate under the name The Poop Style. Of course I have to ask, where does the name come from?

The POOPS(Product Of Our Past Style) I think is self explanatory. Basically it’s me 
putting together outfits mostly from the past, especially my time which is the 90’s and also mixing it up with stuff from this time. In a nutshell, The Poopstyle is a mix of vintage and modern style with a little bit of pop and urban vibe.

You are based in New York. Would you ever consider living somewhere else? Why?

Yes, New York is my base for now. If I was to live somewhere else, it would be Lagos Nigeria. That’s home!

What exactly does style mean to you?

Style to me means ART, in the sense that it’s an expression of feelings or emotions through which one chooses to wear on the outside and that’s why it’s so dear and personal to me.

Okay, if you had to choose between never being able again to dress up in amazing outfits or eat the most delicious food. What would you pick?

I think I would be up in the skies flying planes maybe haha! I don’t know honestly, that could be in a different world but for now i’m trying to live this one to its fullest.

On your website you mention that you love thrifting. How do you feel about the fashion industry nowadays?

I am indifferent. But I think there are amazing designers out there coming up with great designs and there are also other designers that seem to be trying to hard.

Style is very personal and is so much more than the clothes we wear. What would you advice people who haven’t found their style yet?

It’s like any other thing, you just have to stay true! I am not a fan of trends and don’t pay attention to what’s trending. My advice to people who haven’t found their style yet is, “Do you, pay less attention to what’s trending if you want your style standing out whenever you are out in public, and that’s the path to being a trendsetter!”

Who or what inspires you the most?

I love this blog/website so much and I think you and your audience should check it out. It’s mind blowing and the owner is super talented. That’s pretty much where I get all my inspiration from. It’s called and he’s instagram handle is Thank me later!

Lol, you’re something else. Nothing wrong with self love. So, do you aspire your current job as a lifetime career?

Yes I do! There’s nothing else I would rather do.

You’re most valued accomplishment so far:

Being able to inspire my audience not just by looking stylish but also having the 
confidence to wear whatever they feel like. That’s motivational to me.

Last but not least, why do you think you’ve been approached for Celmatique Style?

First, I think it’s because I am consistent because without that I don’t think you would 
have seen my work or approached me in the first place. Also, people say I have a unique style, that too!