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Every month we feature someone for Celmatique Style here on This month it’s your stylish smily face Ruddy Trobrillant | @trobrillants


First things first, what’s your full name and how old are you?
My name is Ruddy Trobrillant. I’m 24 years old.

So Ruddy, I saw in your feed that you are from Paris. Do you see yourself there in the future or is there any another city that inspires you to move?
Yes, I’m living in the suburbs of Paris. But I don’t think I can see myself living in Paris in the future, but you know Paris is a very beautiful city!! And it’s suburbs are even better!!  But I know my city well now and I want to discover more cities and cultures, so I don’t really know where I can see myself in the future! But maybe on an island! Far of bullshit hahaha

Can you describe your style in three words?
My style in 3 words: sportswear/mix/technic

Who inspires you the most and why?
I’m inspired by the WORLD!! I really love the street culture! I’m born with it, I’m learning everyday about it and it will never have an end. So street wear / street art / music inspires me the most!

Which brands do you prefer to wear, daily and on special occasions?
Okay, basically all my outfits are from brands like Nike, Levi’s, Billionaire Boys Club or Human made.

I see that you are working as an Insider for ASOS, what can you tell me about that?
ASOS IS A REAL FAM!!! And they trust in me as I trust in them!! Working with them is one of the best opportunities in business for me! What I can tell you about ASOS: it’s  LOVE. I love working with them, cause they’re so open minded and so close with their customers! If somebody wants to work with ASOS, it’s cause there is a real REASON, you know!!

How do you experience working as a male style inspirator in the fashion industry and is it competitive?
Working as a male style inspirator is one part of my job. I’m not just doing influencer stuff, but I’m also consulting and creating projects and bla-bla-bla. But it was ‘easy’ when I started, cause there were less men who were doing it. However now it’s so competitive cause the NEW GUYS forget that it’s an actual JOB! People can live from it: I’m paying my rent and bills. The new guys say ‘yes’ to everything, without earning any money. Digital is the new a=way of advertising. So you can’t sell your image, your personality for nothing or just for shoes. I prefer when people earn a bit of money to buy food and live their lives over when people sell their souls for one shoe lol. It’s a metaphor (not really).

What would you advice people who haven’t found their style yet?
If you haven’t found your style, just get inspired by the world and by people that you like!! I’m not telling anybody to wear exactly what someone else is wearing, cause then you just copy and that’s stupid! But just search what you like in life and get inspired by people that you like. Everyone screams ‘I have my own style’, but for me everything is about inspiration. So it’s actually impossible to really have an ‘own style’.

What did you do before working in the fashion business, how did you start and is it your full-time job?
I was a fiend before I worked in the fashion business hahaha!! No honestly, it’s too long to explain lol, but people who really know me know what I mean. I’m working in fashion full time for a year and half now. It was hard to start doing what I really wanted to do and not to work somewhere just for the money. Cause I don’t f*ck with money! Money comes and goes, you know. My life is my life; it’s about my mum, my family and friends.

Ruddy Trobrillant

Hahaha yes I get what you mean. So tell me, what do you think of today’s fashion industry? Do you see yourself working in this business for a longer period of time?
I just want to tell people and brands: don’t be ignorant! And don’t live for the FAME please! As I told you before, the industry is changing. Everyone wants to be an influencer or a digital talent, so they just basically do everything for nothing and just live with and for the FAME! For me, that is ridiculous! Live for yourself and your family. Some brands are acting ignorant and don’t give a f*ck about your job. It’s a ‘just take clothes / it’s even more’-mentality! BIG LOL!! Trust me, just do it once – work one month only for clothes and you will see. LOL.

What’s you’re most valued accomplishment so far?
I think the most valued accomplishment for me is for me to do what I want and to be able to live how I want to; for me and my family!

Last but not least, why do you think you have been approached for Celmatique Style Feature?
I think you came to me because you see I’m real. I’m just me: a guy who’s always laughing and smiling, who just loves and enjoys his life!