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Have you ever checked the label to see what the item you want to purchase is made of? Well if not, you should! A piece of clothing is much more than just the looks of it. Therefore I selected a few items by Esprit that’ll keep you – looking and feeling – fresh this whole summer.


There’s a reason why some pieces of clothing are more expensive than others. Sure, it depends if it’s a familiar brand, or not & what so ever. But it also has a lot to do with the materials. A silk scarf will cost a lot more than one made from polyester. And a 100% cotton top is more expensive than one made from viscose.

When you’re spending time in a tropical country, polyester and for example nylon makes you sweat like a pig. No wonder I’m always looking for good qualitative and fresh clothes when I visit Ghana. I mean, Ghana will make you sweat either way but nevertheless it’s always better to spend your days in cool fabrics. And yes, unlike some others I do pay attention on what clothes are made of. In my opinion it’s much more valuable to own qualitative items that you can wear for more than just one season. And trust me: a top made from cotton or silk can last for years.

So a little test for you: visit one of your favorite stores and collect as many items you can find in 100% cotton or pure silk. How many items did you get?


Besides not sweating too much, it’s nice to know that you can actually get dressed properly and stay cool without running around half naked. Like in this look, where I’m wearing a linen pair of trousers and cotton off shoulder top. Style it with a local souvenir like this bag from Ghana and you’re all done! Simple, stylish and most importantly: dressed for summer.

So gals, make an effort and check before you buy. Happy shopping!

off shoulder top
linen trousers
bag (local souvenir)