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There are a lot of ways to produce, dye and create clothing. Besides Batik, Indigo is one of my favorite techniques. Studio 189 knows how to do it!


Working with Studio 189 the past few months in Ghana have been a great experience. The last collab we did was with the Indigo pieces from their collection. In case you didn’t know: Indigo dye is an organic compound with a distinctive blue color. (It’s the blue now often associated with blue jeans.)

Historically this natural dye has been extracted from plants. Studio 189 still uses the old techniques as their Indigo products are being hand-dyed. So yeah, you can imagine it may cost you. But then again you know why. We have to keep the arts and crafts alive!


What I love so much about Studio 189 is that a lot of pieces can be used by men and women. For example the Indigo Button Down Shirts. So in case you need some inspiration for yourself and your guy (or brother, uncle, nephew) you know what to do!

photography by Allen Coleman
styling by Celmatique