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Basically everyone knows that I have a passion for prints. Not just with clothing, also with interior design. So with this beautiful printed suit by Esprit, I’d love to get you into the Moroccan vibes!


Let’s be honest: I didn’t actually visit Morocco for this. The pictures were taken at the Bazar hotel in Amsterdam. But I almost fooled you, didn’t I? Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram (@celmatique) you should be familiar with the #bestbackdrop. It’s about the outfit matching or contrasting the background, since I’m convinced style is about much more than the clothes you wear. I wanted to illustrate that once again with this look. Capturing this fit in front of a wall like that is a match made in heaven, and says so much more than a plain white wall would do.

I’m a big fan of discovering different cultures, but most of all I enjoy connecting them. That’s my biggest inspiration. Not surprisingly, a lot of brands feel the same way. Think about Folklore, Ethnical or African inspired styles that are often used as inspirations for collections by brands or designers. Another example are the slippers I’m wearing.


Let me tell you a thing or two about this outfit. 1: It’s in the color navy, which is a color that suits everyone. 2: The print is sophisticated, which means it matches – surprise, surprise – everyone. 3: Not a big fan of co-ordinates? Wear the trousers or bomber jacket separately and you will still be good to go! 4: It’s amazingly comfortable, but it also looks so effortless. What more could you wish for?

photography by Daniel Wolters

printed bomber jacket
printed trousers
polo shirt