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Hey guys! Every month we feature someone for the Celmatique Style Feature. This month I’m happy to introduce you to our fave colorful gal Prishella Ramawadhdoebe | @prishella

So first of all, what is your full name?

Prishella Ramawadhdoebe

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

Of course! I’m Prishella, 24 years old (but looking way younger and smaller in reality haha). I love fashion and styling but my favourite activity ever is traveling. I like to express myself through my Instagram where I love to share colourful outfits on a daily basis (and a lot of memes in my stories).

What are your roots?

My parents are from Suriname but I was born and raised in The Hague.


Have you lived in Holland your whole life, and do you like living here?

I have! Holland is great but I don’t consider it my only home (and to be honest reaaaally can’t deal with this climate haha). I consider myself very lucky and have travelled quite a lot so I know there’s so much more out there. I love big cities such as London and New York. But at the same time, being a tropical girl at heart, I wouldn’t mind living somewhere sunny.

What was your childhood like?

Amazing! I grew up in a very warm and loving family so I always had the best time. Fooling around with my siblings, travelling with the fam and just having so much fun every day. Couldn’t have wished for anything else honestly.

Have you studied and if so, is it related to what you’re doing now? (Explain why or why not)

I have and it’s not related to what I’m doing now haha. I graduated from Law School last year so I have a Masters degree in Health Law and am therefore officially a LL.M. After finishing university I decided to take a break from law related stuff to travel and focus on my own career as a creative for a little while so that’s what I’m currently doing.

How did you get into Instagram?

I just started the way everyone started I guess and posted pictures of the most random things at first. After a little while people started to post outfit pictures and I really liked that concept so I decided to give it a shot myself. When I hit 10k it kinda started to grow and now we’re here. J

What do you love most about your job?

The freedom and creativity. I love the fact that I can create whatever I want whenever I want (except when there are deadlines involved obviously). Also, working with brands I genuinely love is the coolest thing (and sometimes even unbelievable too).

How would you describe your style?

A colourful chaos. My style is very diverse and I just wear whatever I like. I don’t really have one specific style I love; it’s really all over the place. I do however always wear something colourful (even if I’m wearing black I try to add something with a pop of colour to make it more me).

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Probably the most cliché answer but definitely Instagram and Pinterest. There are so many cool people out there and everyone’s inspiring in their own way.

What’s your favourite fashion trend?

Color blocking for sure! I looove wearing symbiotic colours and colour combinations people usually wouldn’t go for. Other than that I’m obsessed with animal prints (cow print is my fave right now) and cycling shorts and oversized blazers.

Who is your favourite fashion designer?

I have three actually. First of all, I would say Karl Lagerfeld because he’s iconic and timeless. Secondly, I’m obsessed with Virgil Abloh and every collection he puts out there. And last but not least, Olivier Rousting. His pieces are just art to me.

Which fashion era inspires you the most?

At the moment I would say the 90s because I’m a 90s kid and very happy that those trends are making a comeback.

What’s your all time favourite outfit?

Either an oversized blazer with cycling shorts and Balenciaga’s or a suit. I love it when women wear suits because it looks super powerful.

Do you feel your personality matches with your clothing style? Why?

Most definitely. I feel like my style reflects my personality and always dress depending on my mood (if I wear all black, my mood’s probably not the best lol). People always tell me I have a colourful and vibrant personality and that’s how I like to dress so that matches perfectly.

On your Instagram we can see that you travel a lot, what has been your favourite destination? Why?

I have luckily! My parents always take us on these incredible holidays so I’ve seen quite a few awesome places. My absolute fave destination so far has been Grand Cayman Island. The place was so surreal and just like a movie; I still can’t wrap my head around it. Other than that I really love the USA and anything Caribbean.

What would you advise people who haven’t found their style yet?

Don’t worry about it, I still haven’t found my style either and it’s my job now hahaha. No but seriously, just wear whatever makes you happy and wherever you feel comfortable in.

What’s your opinion about fast fashion?

Difficult but in some way inevitable. I’m also guilty of supporting the fast fashion industry so I’m not the one to judge. I do try however to always give my clothes a second life by either reselling or donating.

What is the most valued accomplishment you have reached so far?

Obtaining my university degree. I worked very hard for my bachelor’s and master’s degree so I’m very proud of that.

Why do you think that you have been approached for the Celmatique Style Feature?

I think it’s because of my colourful feed! Nowadays you see a lot of people with a more minimalistic style and beige/natural backgrounds so I feel I can be a little bit different in that matter.