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Summer. The season when days get warmer and people all of a sudden forget how to dress their selves properly. Less is more, for many of them. But what if I told you that ain’t necessarily true? Let me give you some advice and introduce you to the layered summer dress!


So let’s talk summer layering. Or better yet, summer dressing. I know, I know, it’s a hard season for many people when it comes to clothes. Well whom to blame? The temperatures are higher so usually you don’t feel like dressing up, or, ‘you sweat anyway, so what’s the point?’ I get it. But sometimes you just need a little push into the world of variation. Ladies, you know there are dresses and skirts you can wear right? Give you and your pants a break for a change.

As you might have noticed by now, I’m working with Esprit and they added this super bold red and beautiful summer dress. I fell in love with it from the first moment I laid my eyes on it. No joke. Why? Because it’s: comfortable, stylish, summer-proof and it basically covers up all the parts that you don’t always like to show. Not covering up like a Jute bag. No, it covers up in the most elegant way.


Now I know you probably won’t feel like wearing another layer when it’s like 30 degrees outside. But when you live in a country like The Netherlands, the only times you don’t get to wear another layer of clothing is basically; well, let’s say, 3 days a year. And even then when the night falls, you need it. So here you go: wear a basic tee underneath that layered dress and WOMAN, there’s the edge you were looking for.

layered dress
woven bag
basic tee
leather shoes

summer dress