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3 weeks ago, during my period, I used THINX for the very first time. Today I'm gonna share my honest, non sponsored, review with you!

hold up, wait a minute ..

what’s that?

Okay, first things first before we dig into this: what the heck is THINX?
Basically period proof undies! The video below will show you how THINX works.

the review

So, I’m not gonna make this a dramatic long post. Because to me, the outcome is very simple: I’m SO happy with THINX. It works so well for me. Repeating: for me. I say this because my flow isn’t the same as yours. I think the most important thing with THINX is that you need to know your body, aka your period. Period.


I don’t have a heavy flow. Stated on their website it says one pair of undies can hold up to 2 tampons. Which means that if you need at least 3 or more on your first or second day, THINX can be used as a back up. Either way, you will contribute on using less pads or tampons which isn’t only better for your body, but also for the environment. I see that as a big plus already.

one for each day

I bought 5 pairs (I wanted one for every day — my actual period days are 5 in total). All of them are high waisted, 3 in blue and 2 in black. It makes me feel even more secure and besides that, I basically only wear high waisted trousers / skirts.

oh, so comfy

The first day of my period, I made sure I stayed at home. I didn’t want to take any risks, lol. The undies feel super comfortable, they kinda look like bikini bottoms, having enough stretch. Just like when you use pads, you can feel it eh .. coming down. And obviously you can feel it’s wet. Which automatically makes you think you might have leaked. Every time I checked it, there was nothing. I’m still surprised.


When it comes to washing it, I was sceptic at first too. I mean .. let’s be real, blood smells. I rinse the undies at the end of the day, leave it in the shower to dry a little. Then I wash them all together at 30 degrees celsius in the washing machine. Air dry them, of course. They smell just as nice as your usual laundry, they don’t shrink, no stains. It’s amaaaaazing.


I can tell you for sure, my period changed with THINX. I recommend everyone to at least try it for themselves. So if you have a heavier flow, try to back it up with THINX instead. But if you’re like me, you can say goodbye to tampons and pads for good!