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Young designer Jason Jermaine Asiedu knows how to create sexy elegancy with his label Jermaine Bleu. To me, showing my sexy side is kind of out of my comfort zone. Yet a great reason to step out of it.


When I was about 12 years old, I wasn’t that confident about my body. Nevertheless I got a lot of confidence by dressing up. Clothing wasn’t only useful coverage, it also made me feel good about myself. I didn’t like to dress feminine. I’d rather be cool and original than lady like. And I managed to do that, I tell you. Haha! I was always considered that curly girl with an unique style.

I remember that I even used to borrow clothes from my brother. In that time, hiphop was a big part of my life. So you can imagine that my clothing style was based on that culture as well. Note: I wore Stüssy when I was 13 years old. And I still wear it!

At the age of 13, my boobs started to grow bigger. And I realized that having bigger boobs effects how people (note: boys) look at you. Where other girls were showing off, I covered them up. That part of my body would distract others from what I actually wanted to show to the world.

But by the time I got older, I learned how to dress to my own shape and size. It wasn’t since a few years ago that I felt more confident with wearing tighter clothes, or showing more skin. Nevertheless, showing cleavage is still a bit out of my comfort zone.


But sometimes, I love to make exceptions. To be honest, I now like the fact that I can sometimes quite astonish people: “Oh wow, you have bigger boobs than I do, girl!”

I think it’s a wonderful thing that people – especially women – can dress in so many different ways. Every style or piece of clothing makes you feel different about yourself. No wonder that we usually dress based on how we feel.

Jermaine Bleu contributed to making me feel extremely sexy and elegant at the same time. So ladies, if you’re in need to feel that type of way: you know what to do.