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Get to know me a little better! People ask me a lot of questions about my hair, make-up or just things like ‘How do you see your future?’ So, I wanted to get a little bit more personal this time.

You ask, I answer!

Now tell me something about you
I would also love to know more about my readers. If you want to share something (personal) with me, your story, your vision or maybe just your favorite quote or even tips! Send me an email ( or comment below. With love.

1. ‘Celmatique’ is created with the first three letters of my first name: Celeste
2. I’m 23 years old
3. I’m the only one in the family with curly hair
4. My father is from Indonesia and my mom is Dutch (No, I’m not Ghanaian!)
5. I really don’t like unfinished business. If I start doing something I just have to finish it before I can move on to the next thing.
6. I’m grateful for everything, every day. And aware of all the blessing I have.
7. I don’t drink alcohol (never been drunk) and I don’t smoke either. Never did, never will.
8. I’m afraid of heights, but not when I’m in rollercoasters ..
9. I see the glass half full
10. Just like Iris Apfel, I believe it’s better to be happy than to be well-dressed.

What you asked me – the answers

11. My curls are probably coming from my mothers side. No one really knows how, but I guess I just got lucky.
12. The (daily) make-up that I wear is the teint de miracle from LancĂ´me, mascara from Chanel, a matte powder from H&M (color is caramel) and that’s it actually. I like to wear lipstick, most of them are from MAC. I don’t like to wear too much make-up.
13. My favorite lipliner is from Mac: Soar and lipstick Viva Glam II. They match with literally every look.
14. As a job I’m a fashion journalist and a writer.
15. I travel a lot by – yup – saving money and since most of my work is online I can make money while I travel.
16. I would like to move to Ghana, but just for a couple of years. I wouldn’t want to settle there, but I also don’t know where I would want to settle in the end. At first I just want to travel as much as possible.
17. My ultimate goal is to create a brand and even a lifestyle as Celmatique, but most of all to inspire others to be themselves. Stay true to themselves. A lot of people don’t know who they are and feel secure if they look like others or when they dress in a specific look everybody says is in fashion. That makes them unhappy. The most important thing is just to be happy. Celmatique needs to be a reflection of that: I am a happy person.
18. I’m from the Netherlands!
19. I’m able to stay positive because it’s the only way to move forward. If you’re negative about something, it won’t get you anywhere. You will get stuck and the feeling will get even worse. Being positive means being openminded. And when something isn’t positive, it’s not the end. So you know you will always be able to go on, and make it better.
20. Even though my work is online, I know what matters to me in life and what doesn’t and what matters to me most is the people around me. If I don’t have my family, friends and Charles to support me and love me, my career doesn’t mean a thing. The real world is the world you should be living in and be loving, not the digital one.