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Picture me skiing! There is something magical about being up so high on the mountains, speeding down and feeling complete freedom. Especially when you’re surrounded by your loved ones. The third vlog about my winter holiday is up now!

On the 6th of January my family, Charles and I left to the Dolomites (Italian Alpes) for some serious fun on the slopes. We went skiing for a week and it was absolutely amazing.

When I was four years old I already attended my first skiing lesson. Skiing for the winter holiday is kind of a family tradition and it couldn’t have been a greater time with Charles joining us this year as well. It was his first time skiing ever but this dude, he killed it already.

It was a great week, but you know what? Just go watch the vid, and you will know what I am talking about! If you like what you see, please remember to subscribe to the Celmatique YouTube channel. Thank you loads <3