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Finding vintage, yet qualitative treasures in your closet is always pleasing. But it’s even more interesting when that one item belongs to dad. I borrowed his shirt, put it on and combined it with a pair of high knee boots.

But I also learned a thing or two. My mother said to me: “Ah, Celeste, this is a typical fifties type of print!”, while she immediately grabbed this book called ‘Fifties Furnishing Fabrics’. “You see, it’s the exact same print.” Okay, mom. But furnishing? What’s the deal about that?

As in the book is written, it all started with the intention of using prints for curtaining and furnishing. The ‘Perpetua’ print is designed by cartoonist Heath Robinson and shows a composition of continuous movement reminiscent of inventions. The prints were marketed by Sanderson Fabrics and can still be purchased in the present day.

So, basically, I am walking around with an historic item. And besides all that, it’s living proof that qualitative items can last a life time! Maybe this is something to consider when you need to choose between buying a new, cheap item right away. Or wait for a while. Save some money first and purchase a piece that will last ’til your own kid to-be is at the age of twenty-something wearing that same item.