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A few days ago I got myself caught up in the documentary about 93 year old fashion icon, Iris Apfel. The funny thing is, I kind of recognized parts of her character in myself. This woman is a huge inspiration to so many of us in the fashion industry. But Iris leaves us with a message. A message that I also very much believe in.

Everything Iris does comes so natural. But even an iconic person as Iris Apfel, with a huge ambition for fashion, understands that fashion is not the most important thing in life. Being happy is, being healthy is, being grateful is as well. And that is exactly the way how I feel about life.

It’s better to be happy than to be well dressed.

Truth. Think about it: yes, being well dressed makes you feel happy. But those are moments. What is happiness to you, in life, about? Is it being successful? And then again, what is being successful? What is happy?

I think it’s about feeling good about who you are, doing what you love and knowing what to appreciate in life, who you spend your time with. The people around you, matter. What you do every day, matters. What makes you go out of bed every morning, matters.

And it’s up to you to decide if you do it dressed all black .. or in color.

knitted sweater: Pull and Bear • pink jumpsuit: Topshop • heels: Primark • lipstick: Lady Danger by M.A.C. Cosmetics