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Last month our first Celmatique Style Feature went online. Now issa new month! May I introduce you to the lovely Parisienne lady Amélie Ebongué | @ah_mais_lis

Tell me girl, what’s your age?

I’m 24 years old


France, Paris

So, first up: what does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is an expression of my personality. But I think it has a different meaning for each and every one. Choosing my daily outfits is partly based on the weather forecast and severals pieces each day.

I noticed that you also have a blog! Unfortunately I don’t speak or read French, but as far as I can see you write articles about things that you find interesting / news, instead of making it a blog about you. What exactly makes your blog different from others?

I write about my daily outfits since I was 7 years old, but also about personalities; who inspire me in the fashion industry and best addresses in my city and all others cities I discover. Nowadays my vision of fashion has changed, at the same time I’ve changed too. I’m a young mother since last year and in fact my baby has changed my vision of life a lot.

How do you feel about the fast fashion industry?

The fashion industry is an economic market that has driven people and daring human rights for a long time. Nowadays, the rest of the world outside the fashion business is concerned too. But the real question is: what can we do about it? For example, if you’re T-shirt gets dirty real bad, you most likely would want to wash it. However nowadays people rather buy a new one. We’re dealing with overconsumption and society tells us it’s okay to just purchase another shirt. Luckily I do think the fashion industry is changing. Also, inspiration is everywhere. On Instagram for example. But you also see lots of different communities of fashionistas, foodistas, travelers, trendsetters, artists, pioneers, architects and so on who care about sustainability. This new way is typical for the 21st century.

To me, style is very personal. How do you decide what to wear and how you want to look? Is that something you have to learn or does it come natural?

When I buy clothes I first take a good look if it suits me well. That might sound stupid for some, but it’s important to me wearing clothes that match my body shape. After that I pay attention to the quality of the product. Last but not least: the style. Fun fact: last year, I was a candidate in a TV program called ‘Les Reines du Shopping’. This program gave me a lot of publicity. When I’m in town, many people give me compliments referring to my style, because they think it’s different.

Do you think your character matches with your clothing style? Why?

That’s a very funny question! But indeed my style is a reflection of my personality. Dynamic, real and colorful.

What or who inspires you the most?

I am very inspired by my mother. Yeah, usually it’s my mother!

Last but lot least, why do you think you’ve been approached for Celmatique Style?

You have a vision of fashion which corresponds to my universe a lot and what you propose goes beyond the codes of the current fashion. It’s alive! Your approach of fashion is original and deserves to be broadcasted in the largest of people.