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Every month we feature someone for Celmatique Style. Does minimalistic, colourful and simple appeals to you?
This month I’m happy to introduce you to sportsman André Paca | @3ooo_

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself. What is your full name?

My name is André Paca

Which age are you?

I am 25 years old

Where are you living now?

I live in Bienne, it’s a small town near the capital of Switzerland, but it’s rich in diverse cultures.

What are your roots?

I am from Angola

Can you tell a bit about your career or background?

I studied four years in the field of architecture (domaine de l’architecture), after that I graduated as an Building Designer (dessinateur en bâtiment). I work now for an architecture firm since 2015. I’ve never worked in the fashion industry.

Celmatique wants to know more about your lifestyle and how it’s relating with your sense of style. If you describe your lifestyle in three main words, which words would that be and why?

Oh, that’s a tough one. The three words would be work, relationships and clothes.

Work: Because I work a lot, but I do also things that I love. Besides my work as a Building Designer, I’m a basketball coach. This is more than a job, as I can help children with developing their potential/skills and their passion for the game of basketball.

Relationships: This is important to me, because I have the chance to meet people from different backgrounds. Plus I am in a relationship with my girlfriend since almost 3 years. All these different people in my life allow me to discover new aspects and ideas that reflect some facets of my personality. Bienne, the city I live in, is greatly multicultural and allows people from everywhere to meet and express themselves.

Clothes: Because I love them. I have now the opportunity to collaborate with some brands and stores; clothes are becoming a big part of my life.

Which quote inspires you the most and why?

It is actually a quote from me: “Everybody can wear the same clothes, but it’s the way someone wears it, which defines the person’s identity.” And that is what’s most important to me. It is not what you wear, but how you wear it.

As seen on your Instagram account, sport and especially basketball is important to you. We love to hear your story. When did you start to play basketball?

I started to play basketball at the age of 13 years old.

What are your most important reasons to play sports or in this case basketball?

I chose to play basketball because I can identify myself with it. It is a team sport and I never do sports only by myself. It is a beautiful mix of finesse and athleticism and has also a cultural side, which brings aspects of fashion and music together.

Who are the most important role models in the basketball or sport scene?

Michael Jordan (the Greatest Of All Time) and Derrick Rose.

How far do you link sports to your daily fashion style?

Basketball is strongly linked to streetwear and I love to combine basketball sneakers from the ‘90s with the clothes I’m wearing at the moment. It’s great to express this part of my life through clothing; I really enjoy expressing myself this way without using words. “Only a few things can define you without saying a word, shoes are a part of it.”

Celmatique is curious about your vision on fashion. Can you give a description on today’s global fashion scene? And what are your thoughts on this scene?

It’s all about the hype and I hate that.

Which fashion movement inspire you the most and why?

I’d say minimalism. Even when I’m playing basketball, I try to wear something simple. It is challenging to compose a special but simple and minimalistic outfit that is still colourful. My inspiration comes also from the way in which people used to dress in the past; I love the costumes in the series “Peaky Blinders” for instance.

What sparked your interest for fashion?

Actually I don’t know, I feel always like to being well dressed

Who or what inspires you the most in the fashion industry and why?

Japanese wear, vintage clothes. Actually a lot of things, even a grandpa can inspire me. Also the good thing now with Instagram is that people all around the world can inspire you. Instagram gives us very easy access to different people, and that is a good thing for me. But I can say that I kind of found the best way for me to get dressed. Back in the days I got inspired by guys like Alkarus, what inspired me the most was the simplicity and originality of this guy, I got to give him credit because he was ahead of the game.

Scrolling down your Instagram account, your style is very urban and minimalistic. Can you describe your fashion style in three words and can you exemplify these words?

Minimalistic, colourful and simple.

Can you tell us which fashion brands inspire you the most and why?

There isn’t one in particular, but a few. Recently, I’ve been inspired by the brand Ader Error, their colour touches and clothes forms are really nice.

Did you have a period, where you explore your own sense of style and how did you experience it?

I’m always looking for creativity so I think I’m always exploring my sense of style. It’s always the same process; matching colours, trying out new pants and shapes. At the moment I really like to wear outfits with a loose and wide fit.

If you can choose between “fashion trend follower” or “creating your own style”, what appeals you the most and why?

Creating my own style, because I don’t really like trends. I like to see a personal touch in people’s outfits, a personal way to do your styling. I think you can be trendy without following the trend of the moment. If we all followed the trends we’d all look the same, just like a lot of guys with their hyped items.

What is your favourite fashion piece?

I really like my yellow Ralph Lauren puffer jacket, it brings a colourful touch to my outfit and it is super cosy and vintage.

According to you, in which fashion piece must people invest in?

In my opinion; a pair of shoes.

What is your all time favourite outfit?

It’s really hard for me to choose, there are some outfits that matches different occasions. Let me choose two outfits:

1) I went to a museum in Paris, that day I also visited other fancy places. I wore a black turtleneck sweater, a dark grey cropped wide pant, a dark grey vintage Ralph Lauren wide blazer and of course a black beanie.

2) I went shopping in Amsterdam, that day I wore a white Champion tee, wide black pants from Cos, a very minimalistic cargo pants, a yellow puffer jacket, a black beanie and blue socks.

What is the biggest compliment you received for your fashion style?

The biggest compliment comes from people, who are telling me that I’m a source of inspiration for them.

And the last question but not least… Why do you think that Celmatique approached you?

I think that you approached me because of my original outfits and their colourful touch.