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Every month we highlight someone with a Celmatique Style. Today it’s my girl Lily Tjon | @hashtagbylily

We actually don’t know each other that long, but ever since we’re sharing an office it feels like we have been friends for years! Lol.

So first things first, tell us girl, what’s your age?


You’re the creative mind behind Hashtag by Lily. When did you start and how?

It’s about 4 years ago already! I finished my Master in Information Science and I didn’t feel like working in the corporate world after my internships. I wanted something more creative and more fashion. So my boyfriend suggested to start a blog. I followed his advice which turned out to be my dream. Everything I wanted in a job I can find it back in Hashtag by Lily!

What was your profession / (dream) job before Hashtag by Lily?

A career woman. I was raised to get a high degree and end up in the corporate world making good money. For a long time I thought that it was my goal, but I am more than happy that I followed my heart and passion in the end.

Now I know you have the sweetest man who also takes your pictures and helps you out while you guys travel. I can imagine it can be difficult sometimes to separate work from enjoying free time. How do you guys manage to do that? Any tips for others out there?

Haha.. Well, we are together for 14 years already. We know each other pretty good by now. I guess it’s about managing expectations. We discuss collaborations beforehand, so he is (mentally) prepared for his tasks. He was there from the start of Hashtag by Lily, we both grew with the blog gradually, so he understands how this “world” works. Aside from that, it was his idea to start my blog! 😉
Furthermore, after lots of (work)travels together, we are quite efficient these days. We make sure to finish our work first and then we enjoy the rest of the travels.

What do you think of today’s fashion and what do you think it says about our daily lives?

To me fashion is sharing your identity. You can make a profile of a person based on someone’s style. That’s the first thing people see and making the first judgments from. Personally I love to play with this and let my environment influences me along the way. There are certainly no boundaries! I guess that fits with my life motto: “Live life to the fullest”, with other words “YOLO”!

Is there anything you wanted to do differently looking back to your career with Hashtag by Lily?

No, I don’t regret anything so far. As cheesy as it sounds, it made me the “influencer” and person that I am today and I am proud of that. Maybe the one thing is that I would have wished is that I should have done it sooner. I was missing out on so much fun before 😉

Celmatique cares a lot about diversity. Your roots are Chinese. Do you feel you are a role model for other Asian / Chinese girls who want to be in this business?

I am proud of my roots, but I don’t think I am the average Chinese girl. I am not sure if they see me as a role model, but I am all in for inspiring others to follow their passion, whether it’s in this business or not.

What’s you’re most valued accomplishment so far?

Phoe.. Very hard to pick as it’s so diverse. I think the whole journey of a starting blogger to the point I am right now and where I want to be is the most valuable thing. My partnerships with Schiphol, tourism boards, Cathay Pacific,, Origins, Babyliss, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week etc are all amazing, because these are the brands close to my heart that really fit my Travel Fashion lifestyle.

Last but not least, why do you think you’ve been approached for Celmatique Style?

We have become super close buddies in just a short time since we share an office together! We can really appreciate each other’s fashion sense. Our taste for fashion is so similar, yet our style is completely different. I love it when we are twinning at work with exactly the same items, nevertheless still really representing ourselves as an individual with our own style.
Furthermore, because we have the same mission to inspire people. I think we are such a good team 🙂