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Every month we feature someone for Celmatique Style here on This month it’s your fav Sneaker Gal Sanne Poeze | @GirlonKicks

Hi girl! I already know but not everyone might, so tell us: what’s your age?
I’m 29 years old!

Where are you from?
Born & Raised in Hoorn (a little town 30 min up north from Amsterdam) and moved to Amsterdam when I was 19 years.. so I’m celebrating my 10 year Amsterversary this year!

When did your career as Girl on Kicks started?
Around 3,5 years ago! It’s been my fulltime job for just about 2 years now.

Is there anything you would’ve done differently looking back?
I do feel like everything you do is a process and I always try to love the process to. So I don’t really regret anything I did. Cause it made me into the person I am know and it has made Girl on Kicks into the business that it is now.

What does style mean to you?
And has yours changed over the years?

Style is something very personal and to me it’s very important. It’s a way to express yourself and show people who you are and what you stand for. My Style has changed over the last few years but it has always involved a pair of sneakers to start with. I shifted from all black always to more colorfull looks and more daring things but I think my sneakers will always be the eye catchers in my fits.

Obviously I have to ask, how many pair of kicks do you own?
I think ± 200 pairs now. But I actually never count them.. to me it’s not important how many pairs I have to be honest!

What do you think of today’s fashion and what does it say about our daily lives?
Difficult.. For example; I love and hate the fact that streetwear is so commercial now. LOVE – Cause it makes my marked bigger which is good for me.. but also HATE – cause it makes it less exclusive and everyone is doing the same thing and is owning this ‘style’ cause it’s on trend now.

I remember you once told me you never wear heels. Even at a wedding you be wearing your kicks (and I love it). So, if you had to pick: no more kicks or no more good food. What’s it gonna be?
This is not ok Cel; I love you, but I will not answer this question.

Hahaha, okay okay. What’s your most valued accomplishment so far?
That I’ve created my own job. And that I get to do what I love doing most every day. Talking about sneakers and streetwear, creating content and working for and with some of the biggest brands out there!

Last but not least, why do you think you’ve been approached for Celmatique Style?
Because we office buddies and you love me! 😛

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