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About two weeks ago I got to have a Christmas dinner with Esprit, hosted by my mother and I. It was truly magical. Here’s why:

It’s no surprise that Christmas is my favorite time of the year (probably everyone’s favorite Holiday). Simply because it’s all about love and warmth. It’s about giving and bringing people together. I have so many great memories of Christmas. One of them is my grandmother, the creative woman that she is, who always decorates the house in such an original and stylish way. Also, my grandparents bake deep-fried raisin buns every year. It’s a typical Dutch treat that people eat when it’s Christmas and New Years Eve. And of course my beloved parents, who always decorated the Christmas tree when we were kids. Waking up, walking downstairs and seeing the tree always filled my heart with joy. It still does!

To my surprise, Esprit asked me to host a Christmas dinner together with my mother, inviting 25 of my closest friends in the work field. Every guest got to bring a loved one. As you might have noticed, I’ve been working with Esprit for a while. Esprit has always been a big part of my youth, since my mother used to be one of their designers. Esprit wanted to do something special for us, and well.. they couldn’t have done a better job. The dinner was so amazing.

Obviously the food was super tasty and so defined. But what made this dinner so special is the personalized details and care. Every guest was welcomed with their own menu card including a picture of him- or herself and a picture of him/her with their beloved one. On the table you could find Polaroid camera’s so we were able to capture the special moments of that night and bring them with us straight away. And of course: there were lights everywhere. From the balcony to the sides of the windows, in the Christmas trees (yes, multiple ones!) and on the table.

I could go on and on. But instead, you should experience the magic of Esprit’s Christmas dinner by watching the video below.

On behalf of Esprit, my mother and me: have a wonderful and beloved Christmas!
Special thanks to:
• Esprit & Lize Booij (Spice PR),
• My mother and Tamara Couperus,
• Lily Tjon and her cousin,
• Veronica and her mom,
• Ashlee Janelle and her dad,
• Mary Anne and her husband,
• Addy, Jefferson and Lino,
• Benthe Liem and her boyfriend,
• Frederique Bos and her boyfriend,
• Gwen van Poorten and her manager.