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a make-up look every week

The wild life isn’t for everyone! This week’s Face Of The Week is a danggggerous one. Once again all based on the outfit. Scroll down fast for details & products!

let's do something crazy

Jennifer Verstrepen

Hi again! Today I really wanted to release the inner tiger in me! Picked this shirt from my closet and since we’re still in quarantine, I got a lot of time to do some more sophisticated and creative looks.

what are you wearing?

I am wearing a tiger printed turtle neck. I really felt like doing something crazy today. The pattern of my shirt is perfect for a playful make-up look, especially on my eyes.

how to do it:

First: use a primer for the eyelids, which can be any eye primer or concealer. You don’t need to set your eyelids with powder. Then pick the yellow/orange shade from the Revolution Chocolate Orange Palette and blend all over the lids and under your waterline. With a black eyeliner, you make a wing. To create the tiger pattern: make stripes all over the eyelids. Then put on some mascara (if wish to add a more powerful look, put some lashes on) For the lips I did something creative too: I used my finger into the orange/yellow shade and dabbed that on in the middle of my lips. Finished with a lipgloss and you’re all set!