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a make-up look every week

Who doesn’t love a mix of pastel colors?! Based on the outfit once again. topped with some little extra glam: here’s a new look for y’all. Scroll down fast for details & products!

Jennifer Verstrepen

still trying out new looks and techniques

what are you wearing?

I’m wearing pastel pink pants and a mint green blouse. The mint green blouse is vintage! I really like vintage clothing. Not only ’cause of the good prices, but it’s also a sustainable way of shopping. The pink cargo pants are from Urban Outfitters.

If you like the blouse or the pants here are some similar items you might like:  the mint green blouse and the pink cargo pants

how to do it:

Step 1 is always: prime your eyelids, this can be any eye primer or concealer. Set the eyelids with powder. Now we gonna do something different here: both eyes in opposite colors! On one eye I use a light pink shade from the Morphe 35B palette and blend this all over the eyelids. And for the other eye I use the mint green shade from the NYX Bright Ultimates eyeshadow palette. When this is perfectly blended on both eyes, you grab a concealer to create a wing (no need to set this). Pick a small brush and dap with the pink eyeshadow of the Morphe palette into the wing on the mint green eye. On the other pink eye you do the same with the mint green eyeshadow. Pick the same color you used for the eyeliner under your waterlines. When you finished your eyeshadow, add some pearls! I used stickers that I bought at a 1 euro store. Finish with mascara and – if you like – lashes!