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The best part about being a woman is that you can dress up and switch your style instantly. If you feel like going for a sophisticated look, take some notes on these Esprit items – selected by yours truly – and learn how to become a true Mademoiselle.


One thing we’ve learned through the years is that stripes always work and most importantly, never get old. Besides that, stripes are ageless as well. They come in different variations and for every stripe there’s a right way to style it. Want to look taller and slimmer? Go for vertical stripes. Don’t want to be taken too seriously? Choose a stripe that is playful, like drawn stripes. But for this look, you need a clean striped top with just the little edge: show them some shoulder baby!


Now what’s a Mademoiselle without a hat? Not much right. Luckily the choice in variety is massive. Personally I love to mix it up with a local treasure, like the hat I’m wearing which is made out of raffia. I bought it at the market here in Ghana. But any other feminine hat that matches your face works. As long as it makes you feel ladylike.

Oh, don’t forget the bold red lips!


Not a fan of taking it higher? The wide navy trousers easily cover up your feet when you’re just about my height. A pair of sandals, ballerina’s or loafers will work just fine. So when you walk, people still get to see a glimpse of your footwear. And when you are blessed with long legs, girl, you don’t even need heels at all!

striped long sleeve top
cotton & linen mix trousers
hat (local souvenir)