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There are a few color matches made in heaven and red & pink are part of them. Captured at a beautiful colorful location, I’m going to show you how to wear this without any clashing.

Esprit has a large selection of vibrant reds and pinks, so don’t miss out while it’s still there!

red & pink

Any shade of red matches any shade of pink, however wearing the brightest version of both just works even better. Why? I don’t know. It just does. Also, the weather will be better soon so no need to hide.

Since we’re all about comfortable as well, I’ve added a nice pair of track pants to contrast the whole look. The legs of the trousers each come with one thick white stripe and two red stripes in the middle. Also, zipper pockets included!

Obviously you can’t go anywhere without bringing stuff so you need a bag. I’m all about contrast but in this case, it’s a matching one! This red, leather hand bag can also be worn around the shoulder. How handy.