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Yes guys, I’m still kind of astonished by it as well: I won the ELLE Street Style Award! And it all happend yesterday, at Supperclub in Amsterdam, during the ELLE Style Awards 2016.

Thank you to everyone for following my journey so far, for letting me be an inspiration and for all the sweet messages you have already sent me! THANK YOU.


The ELLE Street Style Award is basically all about rocking the best outfits. And I wouldn’t be me if I showed up in a regular one at an event like this, right? The trousers and jacket I’m wearing are from designer label Henrik Vibskov. The black, leather wedges are from Rick Owens. All bought in the beautiful store Margreeth Olsthoorn, located in Rotterdam. I’m telling you, it’s worth the visit! Not only do they sell beautiful items of all kinds of high quality labels, you’re able to visit the in-store art gallery NL=US as well! Find more about Margreeth Olsthoorn here.


The ELLE Style Awards 2016 were held at Supperclub in Amsterdam. Dresscode? Birds. There are 4 types of birds: the Hip Bird, Rock Bird, Paradise Bird and Black Raven. During the event the crowd was entertained with style battles on the catwalk, music and of course: the awarding itself. I never thought I would win the ELLE Street Style Awards, basically because I never win anything. While I was sitting on my chair with my best friend Elyse next to me, the announcement came: “And the winner of the ELLE Street Style Award is: Celeste van Joost!” Wait, that’s me?! I walked towards the stage, and when I got up there, editor in chief Edine Russel handed over the award. I didn’t prepared a speech, nevertheless I tried. Haha! Well guys, enough of the talking. Check out the pics of my outfit and of the event itself below.

Thank you all for your support once again. With love!

together with best friend Elyse Mulder

bumped into the lovely Yara Michels (Chapter Friday)

bumped into the lovely Yara Michels (Chapter Friday)

ELLE Street Style Award