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you don't need a new wardrobe. you just need a new mindset.

You made it to the last part of How To Wear Color. In this last post I'll be discussing trends and sustainability. Cause how does wearing color fit into a conscious wardrobe?

trends come and go, but color does not.

Color has and will always be considered trendy. It honestly doesn’t matter which color. With all the info you know now, all that’s left is to figure out what color suits you. You can build from there. I own colorful pieces from 15 years ago that I still wear now.

how to build a sustainable colorful wardrobe 

color is for everyone

So throw away the idea that color isn’t for you out of the window. Right now.

pick your favorites

Decide for yourself what colors you love most, without considering your skin tone or hair color

invest in good quality items

From basics to statement pieces, as long as you can repeat them.

use the knowledge you have when combining and creating outfits

Yellow works even when you have blonde hair or lighter skin by combining it with the right colors. It’s all about how you match, co-ordinate or mix!

summer and winter wardrobe? outdated

The key is layering. You can easily layer summer pieces in winter.

mind the details

Meaning: play with accessories. You can change a look completely by adding (or leaving out) accessoires.

bring out the palettes

Are you into make-up? Have fun with that, play with it. It adds another layer of matching colors with your outfit.

the more you know yourself, the better you are able to dress yourself.

There’s a reason brands have different collections based on a young audience. They know young people are more likely to buy impulsively cause they’re very sensitive to trends, since they’re still figuring out who they are as a person. The fashion industry plays on that. So I’m telling you: the more you know who you are, the better you know how to express yourself.
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