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the color you wear

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After learning all the important (technical) basics, it’s time we talk about the power of color. And also: how do you apply color coordination into your outfits?

Everything in our lives has a color. It has a meaning. When it comes to dressing up, the goal is to have your colors flow well together for it to be pleasing to the eye, making sure the base of the colors are similarly muted or bright.

People tend to screw up the most by mixing neutrals with different undertones or dirty (colors with gray or muted undertones) and clean colors together.

color coordination

Wearing colors with the same intensity creates balance. But another way to create balance, is my all time fav: color coordination. Simply said, it’s repeating certain colors in your outfit. Accessories play a big part, especially if you like minimalistic color coordination. If you want to go even a step further, you can use prints as well.

accessories can play a big part with color coordination

color blocking

And if you really like to stand out and be vibrant, there’s color blocking. There aren’t many rules when it comes to color blocking if you ask me. Literally every piece you wear could be a different color. Just remember: the intensity of the color is important! Color blocking doesn’t work well if you for example use a dirty brown shade, bright red and deep yellow. But it does work if it’s bright red, bright yellow and bright pink. Or dirty brown, dirty beige and dirty orange.

so a lil recap

wear colors that have the same intensity
use color coordination to create balance
color block if you want to be more vibrant
confused? go back to the color wheel!

the last part of How To Wear Color will be about trends and sustainability, so stay tuned!

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