colorful ways to wear Nike Dunk

colorful ways to wear Nike Dunks

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Here's a guide to help you style these iconic sneakers. (more…)
how to wear color

how to wear color – part four

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how to build a sustainable colorful wardrobe 

my Black Friday investment piece

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Farfetch featured ya girl on their fashion feed! (more…)

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how to
June 22, 2020

how to wear color – part three

the color you wear sends a message Everything in our lives has a color. It has a meaning. When it comes to dressing up, the goal is to have your…
picks of the month
May 30, 2020

spring isolation

May is almost at its end, corona virus isn't tho. Luckily we got you covered with a new monthly picks. (more…)
how to
May 22, 2020

how to wear color — part two

This time I’ll be discussing color groups (or harmonies) & emotions with you all. In case you missed part one - click hereSome colors (technically) go better together than others.…
face of the week
May 13, 2020

purply blue

A comfy colorful look and some glitter. Curious how it looks as a make-up look? Scroll down fast for details & products! (more…)
face of the week
May 5, 2020

pastel pearls

Who doesn't love a mix of pastel colors?! Based on the outfit once again. topped with some little extra glam: here's a new look for y'all. Scroll down fast for…
face of the week
April 25, 2020

wild life

The wild life isn't for everyone! This week's Face Of The Week is a danggggerous one. Once again all based on the outfit. Scroll down fast for details & products!…
how to wear colorhow to
April 22, 2020

how to wear color — part one

But, as natural as it is to me, it isn’t for everyone. So, how do YOU wear color? And how can you replace a minimalistic wardrobe mainly consisting of black…
face of the week
April 21, 2020

eye party

we got a new look for y'all: EYE PARTY! An abstract look inspired by my abstract pink blouse. Scroll down fast for details & products! (more…)
face of the week
April 11, 2020

lucky number 13

oh yes, we got something new for y'all: FACE OF THE WEEK! make-up looks inspired by the outfit you're wearing. with new creators rotating weekly. scroll down bby! (more…)
picks of the month
April 3, 2020

cozy quarantine

We're back with our monthly picks! Items selected for you by Celmatique. (more…)
March 17, 2020

coming off the pill

Ever since I was a teenager, getting a prescription for the pill was the most normal thing in the world. I was 14 years old when I started taking it.…
December 29, 2019

19 best fits from 2019

here are the top 19 fits of Celmatique (more…)